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Criminal Defense

Flat Rate Fees Starting as Little as $500 a Month.

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When charged with a criminal offense, you risk being incarcerated in the county jail or state prison for substantial periods of time. Do not risk your freedom without first consulting the Ramirez Law Firm. Mr. Ramirez will discuss with you all your rights and defenses, while simultaneously preparing a vigorous defense. As a former Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Ramirez knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, whether that involves arguing your case before a jury or negotiating the best plea bargain possible. 

Practice Areas
- All misdemeanor and felony offenses
- DUI's / DWI's
- Drug possession and sales
- Domestic Violence
- Sex crimes
- Gang
- Theft and property crimes

- Misdemeanor retainer as little as $1,500
​- Felony retainer as low as $3,500